Communications Update

Several improvements have been made to PMBA’s outbound communications to make it easier for our members and the community at large to stay up-to-date on local mountain biking news. 


PMBA’s website at now highlights:

Events Calendar

PMBA’s website calendar at now features:

  • PMBA sponsored social events and group rides.
  • Other community mountain biking events, including local bike shop rides, races, and more.

Help maintain this local mountain biking calendar by submitting events at

Email Newsletters

PMBA highlights upcoming events, mountain biking news, and more in a monthly newsletter. Subscribe at


PMBA is transitioning from a private “Facebook Group” that will soon be archived to a public “Facebook Page” at This approach offers several advantages, including:

  • Easier access to PMBA events and local mountain biking information without having to first request to join a private group and then await approval. 
  • Reoccuring “Events” for PMBA group rides and social gatherings that will notify you of each week’s occurrence after you click “Interested” or “Going” on the main event record. This waives the need for repeated event postings and RSVPs each week.
  • Eliminating a confusing duplication between the “Prescott Mountain Biking” Facebook group and PMBA’s Facebook presence.
  • The ability for Facebook users to easily share PMBA posts, events, videos, and more with their friends, other groups, and public feeds. 

Initial testing has shown increased engagement with both locals and visitors seeking information about Prescott area mountain biking. For example, this year’s Youth Program found both child riders and parents who had never mountain biked before but decided to give it a try after seeing a public post on Facebook. We consider this a #morekidsonbikes mission accomplished! Pint Nite 2019 also featured new guests who learned about the event through public Facebook advertising that targeted Prescott visitors who are interested in cycling. Not only did we make some new friends, but PMBA raised more money from those new attendees!

So, go “Like” our new page at to receive regular Prescott mountain biking updates in your Facebook feed. You can then interact through the post comments, sharing of posts, RSVP’ing for events, and more!


PMBA just launched an Instagram account and will soon feature both PMBA sponsored and other community mountain biking photos on our feed. “Follow” us at and then tag your posts with @prescottmtb to be featured. 

What’s Next?

Want to see more? Take our 2019 Community Survey to share your ideas on how PMBA can continue to serve the local mountain biking community in the years to come.