Whatever your mountain biking pleasure, it’s likely available within the 250+ miles of trails in Prescott. You’ll find everything from higher-elevation singletrack winding through granite peaks and pine-covered mountains to technical granite slick rock structures.

PMBA’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote mountain biking, trail access and diverse riding opportunities on Prescott area public lands through community education, advocacy, tourism and unified action.

If you ride our local trails, please consider supporting them by joining and keeping your membership active.

The PMBA Ecommerce shop is now open.  Hats, pint glasses & tumblers are now available for purchase online.  All proceeds go to the trails.

We’re having a monthly get-together to share your latest rides, stories and anything else. Come join your friends for PMBA Wednesdays.

Do you have bike equipment / clothing that you no longer use? How about helping the young riders of Prescott hit the trails with the gear they need. You can Pass It Forward. Time to go through all your “stuff” and help it find a new home.

Something many of us don’t do before riding: 3 minute bike check

Rain and mud where you might ride? Real time Yavapai County precipitation.

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