Pass it Forward 2022, was a monumental success!

Pass It Forward is a PMBA (Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance) program whose mission is to collect and distribute gently used and new bicycling clothing and gear for Prescott area youth riders in need so they may adequately enjoy the sport.

Pass It Forward was born out of the need seen by adults riding with youth programs over the last year. Some of the kids are riding without padded bike shorts. Some own one bike jersey (if any) and wear it every time they ride. Many don’t own gloves or eye protection. Some have expressed an interest in moving to clipless pedals but can’t afford the shoes or pedals.
The lack of proper clothing and gear not only makes riding  uncomfortable, it’s also embarrassing and demoralizing. All of this decreases the chances they’ll continue with the sport.

There are hundreds of riders in the Prescott area, most of whom have clothing and gear we no longer use, for a variety of reasons. The youth rider population is growing quickly and, subsequently, parents are left with outgrown clothing in excellent condition, and the need for the next size. We all hesitate to donate our cycling items to organizations which may not know or appreciate the value. The Pass It Forward program offers area riders the opportunity to not just clean out their closets, but to contribute to the future of biking in our community, to help foster a healthy active community, and to encourage young riders to stay on their bikes by enhancing their riding experience.

Examples of Items Accepted:
All bicycling related clothing – jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, jackets and other outerwear, tights, etc.
Hydration packs
Bike parts in good condition

PMBA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit so donations are 100% tax deductible.

For more information or questions, please call one of our committee members:

Jeanine Woods (928) 227-7374

You can also drop off donations at our local bicycle shops.

High Gear Bike Shop                 
Bikesmith Cyclery                      
Soul Ride Bikeshop & Taproom
Ironclad Bicycles