Whatever your mountain biking pleasure, it’s likely available in Prescott!

More than 250 miles of trails (and growing) wind up and over granite peaks, through pine-covered mountains, and into valleys lined with scrub oak, manzanita, and native grass. You’ll find everything from higher-elevation trails to semi-arid desert hard-pack to slow and technical granite slick rock structures. This is some of the best mountain bike riding in the Southwest!  Need convincing?  Check out “The Complete guide to riding in prescott“, and “Mountain Biking in Prescott“. ( opens new tabs )

PMBA-Sponsored Group Rides

Hosted rides are offered for all ages and skillsets, including:

Ever-Expanding Trails

PMBA plays a major role in working with local land managers to maintain existing trails and develop new trails, including the following recent projects:

Trail work days are scheduled regularly. Help secure the future of your trails and sign up for a work day and/or make a donation!

Here’s a video of everything that goes into building a trail in Prescott, AZ.