Trail Work Coordinator


Job description: The PMBA board position of trails coordinator is the liaison between forest service (PNF) and PMBA. Work with PNF to maintain trails,  Primarily brushing of vegetation and creating and maintaining drainage.  Main area of concern is Spence Basin, as it is PMBA’s responsibility.

Responsibilities and expectations: Need to be ( or working towards ) a certified forest service crew leader.  Work with PNF to identify areas needing work.  Set the workday volunteer schedule (one day/month) for the year and be available to assist in preparation for races, mainly the Whiskey Off Road and school races in Pioneer park.  Coordinate with local bike shops to get workday sponsorship.

On work days: Procure tools needed for workdays, either by towing the OTHG trailer to the worksite or getting enough tools from trailer or PNF to equip the volunteers. Demonstrate to volunteers the proper way to use tools and proper way to clear brush / create drainage.  Maintain safety of the volunteer crew during the work session. Contact PNF dispatch at the start and end of work sessions to communicate when & where work is occurring.