As of June 25, 2021, the USFS has closed all access to the Prescott National Forest. No Biking, hiking nor equestrians may enter the forest.

The City trails are still open to all. 112 miles of trails open in Prescott, 20 miles of the Prescott Circle Trail open / 40 mile round trip, Dells trails all open, 25 miles of trail in Pioneer Park open. Go explore with the free Avenza app and free City of Prescott Recreation map at

Partial list of open city trails:

Pioneer park ( both sides of Pioneer parkway )

Longview trail ( Williamson valley road to Pioneer park )

Constellation trails

Trails around Willow & Watson Lake

Peavine & Iron King including Storm Ranch trails on East side of the Peavine

Sundog and Badger up to the bench

Centennial trail

Acker park

Let’s all hope we get a real monsoon this year ASAP!!!

Below you can download a Adobe PDF map of the COP trails.