This year’s Pass it Forward event was a great success, their best event so far.  Many kids were able to get good bike clothing and gear.  Some even got donated bikes. All free to the kids.


A huge thank you to the wonderful women who spent hundreds of hours making this happen:

Mitzi Hammes – Catherine Shuter – Chrissy Shumaker – Jeanine Woods – Mari Rimple


And a standing ovation to those who helped make this event happen:

@High Gear
@Soul Ride
@Prescott Professional Landscaping
Lorrie Nebrig
James Nebrig 
Scott Bideau
John Shumaker 
Team coaches
Dan Hammes


Here’s some of the totals of items passed forward to the kids.

Jerseys/Jackets/T-shirts 146
Shorts/Bibs 80
Bike Parts/Tools 56
Gloves 35
Helmets 32
Shoes 31
Socks 29
Hydration Packs 20
Handlebar Grips 19
Saddlebags 12
Pumps 11
Pedals 11
Hats 11
Knee/Elbow pads 10
Water Bottles 10
Handlebars 10
Bottle Cages 8
Tires 8
Tubes 7
Glasses 5
Arm Protectors 5
Bikes 5
Bells 3
Trainers 3