PNF Adopt A Trail

Thats right, the PNF has officially brought back the Adopt A Trail program. The details are here: 1_PNF_AAT_Manual_individual_9_2015-2

Emmanuel Pines

Warning! This is the Draft Press release for the thinning operations for the Spence Springs/Emmanuel Pines area that has been on the horizon for a couple of years now.  This is happening quicker than we (FS) expected, January 20 2015, but it hopefully will be complete by April sometime. The Prescott Circle Trail #332 will be closed going through the area … Read More

Thumb Butte Area

Don’t forget this is where the Whiskey Off Road race is held each year.  There are trails on both sides of the road for you to explore.  Some of the favorites … from the parking area connect to TR#318 ride it up just when it starts to flatten out there is an “off shoot” to your right.  This is a … Read More

Willow Lake Dells/ Lakeside Dells

These are awesome technical trails.  Follow the white dots or you might end up in the lake!  Willow Lake Dells – Willow Creek Road at the Heritage Zoo entrance. Park for free at the Dog Park which is on Willow Creek Rd, then catch the trail heading east or park at the boat ramp (fee) and access the trail from the … Read More

TR#396 (White Spar)

Heading south on White Spar look for the White Spar Campground sign on left. Park in the dirt lot just to the right.  Go through the gate and about 50 yards on the left there will be a trailhead.  This is considered a moderate to difficult ride.  There is a lot of climbing at the start but once at the … Read More

Prescott Circle Trail

Although not fully connected yet, the Circle is rapidly closing and will include trails from the City of Prescott, Prescott National Forest and Yavapai County for a 50-mile loop around the City. It will be a multi-use trail with some camping locations along the way. Down load map

Trailhead for 62, 305, and Salida Gulch Area

Begin at the Trailhead for the Ranch Trail #62. Trail 305 starts at the left side of the parking lot. Parking is free.  This is a fun ride.  Lots of rolling hills, nothing too technical or steep.  This is a nice groomed trail.

Granite Basin

There are lots of trails here.  TR#347 known as the whoops is a nice down hill, TR#345 Mint wash is a technical trail that takes you back up to the lake, lots of smaller loops you can combine into a great ride.  A variety for all different skill levels.  Just use extra caution on these trails as they are heavily … Read More