2021 Year in Review

Greeting PMBA members,

Certainly 2021 was a bit of a roller coaster for all of us.  Your PMBA board had many projects and objectives for the year which were repeatedly thwarted by the pandemic.  

In spite of the pandemic, we were able to press ahead and accomplish the following:

  • Restarted and led the 8 to 80 weekly rides
  • Purchased and installed rollover gates on the Ranch and Badger trails
  • Arranged and financed porta-john at Spence Basin lower parking lot.
  • With the “pass it forward” program, we outfitted over 200 of the area’s youth with much needed mountain bike gear, clothes and bikes
  • Raised over $60,000 and refurbished the Granite Creek Park pump track.
  • Hosted the premier of A Biker’s Ballad – a mountain biking adventure movie.
  • Coordinated monthly trail maintenance workdays.
  • Funded armoring work on Javelina trail ( 332 ) to help prevent erosion.
  • Successfully advocated for the pending safety upgrades to the Prescott Circle Trail segment on Willow Lake rd. between Watson and Willow Lakes.
  • Raised over $13,000 for trail improvements from Chloe’s Prescott Trail Challenge
  • Regularly met with the National Forest Service and the City of Prescott to ensure the mountain bike community’s interests are protected.
  • Negotiated a solution accepted by all trail user groups to ensure mountain bike access to the Willow Trail ( 347 ) at Granite Mountain.  The result is the “Bells on Bikes” program providing free handlebar bells available at nearby trailheads.
  • Led full moon night rides.
  • Installed enhanced signage at trail intersections in Spence Basin.
  • Contributed to the YTA grant for work on the Spruce Mountain trail.
  • Contributed to the Green Ways mural project in Granite Park.
  • Donated our youth bikes and trailer to Azimuth Quest youth program.

Unfortunately, we have no news to report on the Gravity Flow Trail plan in the Bean Peaks area.  The Forest Service staff has been sidelined due to the intense fire season, which pulled resources away from our area.  We hope to get back on track early next year.

We continue to advance our mission: To preserve, protect and promote mountain biking, trail access and diverse riding opportunities on Prescott area public lands through community education, advocacy, tourism, and unified action.

During the past year, we have lost 3 of our board and committee members and need to find a few good people who want to help further our cause.  If you would like to help out please let us know by emailing Membership@PrescottMtb.com..  

We wish everyone happy holidays.  Keep the rubber side down and a smile upon your face.