Many of you have heard about the flow trail project that’s been in the works here in Prescott and many of you have contributed financially toward the project already.

The goal of this project is to create Arizona’s first gravity / flow trail system.  To achieve this, PMBA partnered with the City of Prescott, and  the Prescott National Forest.  In early 2020, Prescott was awarded a $20,000 matching grant for the purpose of planning a flow trail system. This grant required a fundraising effort to meet our half of the $20,000, and many of you donated generously. Andrew at Bikesmith also put together a raffle which got us just over the goal of raising $10,000.

Joey Klein of IMBA Trail Solutions came to Prescott in June to work with Jason Williams of PNF, Chris Hosking COP/PMBA, and Charlie Glasel (PMBA).  They did recon/overview rides which included Wolverton and extensive exploration in the Bean Peaks area. ( South of White Spar
trailhead )

The data collected yielded a report and proposed trails that Chris at the City and Jason at PNF have reviewed. Everyone that’s seen the proposal is very enthusiastic with the potential flow trail system that could come to be.   We can’t share all the specifies of the plan at this point as the PNF still has work to do in verifying the feasibility of the plan to ultimately green light the proposal.

Trail Solutions has proposed a hub-based trail system which would include an easy up/bi-directional trail, and from each hub, beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails.  The proposal recommends building the system in 4 phases.  Phase 1 would be near the current White Spar trailhead and include about 6 miles of trails. The complete system would have about 20 miles of trails. The cost for completion will be very substantial. While the uphill trail may be built with local talent, we would likely hire professionals to build the downhill flow and technical trails.  Additionally a bigger and improved parking area and trailhead at Schoolhouse Gulch is on the drawing board.  We hope to break ground in 12/18 months.

PMBA is committed to move this project forward.  We would all love to be out there right now, dozing our way to flow nirvana.  We’ll keep you updated as the project moves forward. 

In the mean time, keep the rubber side down !!!