March 14th, 2022

The Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance (PMBA) has developed a robust working partnership with the United States Forest Service, Prescott National Forest (PNF). The result has been the maintenance and development of hundreds of miles of multi-use trails in the Bradshaw Ranger District. We are very proud of our partnership with PNF and thank them for their assistance.

We have also been advocating for bike-optimized, gravity trails since 2013, and are pleased to now have a bike-optimized gravity-flow trail plan within the PNF open for public comment. See press release.

The proposed trails are located in the Bean Peaks area, near the White Spar Campground, three miles south of downtown Prescott. The proposal is for the construction of 17-miles of new bike-optimized, gravity trails and associated trailhead improvements in the area. This new trail network would be the first of its kind in Arizona and we are very excited that it is proposed right here in Prescott!

The proposal is the result of an International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Trail Accelerator Grant (TAG) that was received by the City of Prescott (COP) and PMBA in 2020.  The grant was to study the feasibility and design of mountain bike-optimized gravity/flow style trails. The IMBA TAG program provided 50% of the funds for the trail plan, with BikeSmith Cyclery and PMBA raffling a Pivot Switchblade mountain bike to raise the other 50% of the funds for the plan.

We encourage all local mountain bike advocates to support the project. We suggest making your own comments or copying and pasting these example comments with your own edits. Email them to: and put “Bean Peaks MTB Trails” in the subject line.

Note:  If clicking on the email link doesn’t open your email program, just copy and paste the email address.

Personalize the comments with your own ideas – this is very important – please ensure to add your personal observations and requests to your comments and email them to the forest service by April 12th, 2022.

PMBA is scheduling a community meeting at The Armory on Monday, March 21 st at 6PM to discuss the plan details further. You are all welcome to attend.

Project Location Map

Trailhead Location

Trail Detail Map