Trail Work Day Aprill 11 in EP

April 11th – Javalina Trail #332
8:00am – 12:00pm
We will meet at the pull out where trail 332 crosses iron springs rd and then carpool into the work site.

We will be working on the 332 trail South of the railroad grade that heads over towards the EP chimney/skills park. This part of the 332 was impacted by the logging and we will be working with the PNF on the reconstruction/redesign of this portion of trail to be more appropriate for the circle trail. In other words, not straight up an old road. This is an important project to get done as to help allow a quick opening of the EP area after logging is done.

Since this trail day is with the PNF we will be on strict safety requirements. Please make sure to wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, eye protection(sunglasses are OK), good work boots(no tennis shoes), gloves, snacks, and water.