Trail Work Day April 2 2017

This trail work day is sponsored by Manzanita Outfitters.

We will be riding in 5 miles on trail 62 or you can hike in on trail 299 to 9854 to 62 which is about 3 miles

This is a PNF trail work day so you MUST wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, eye protection(sunglasses are OK), good work shoes, bring gloves, snacks, and water. Tools and hard hats will be supplied.

Here is a map of the area we will be. The red arrow is where we will park and sign in. The red star is where we will be working. There are options to get in there. 1, you can ride a bike in. 2, you can hike in. 3, you can ride a dirt bike, quad, or utv along 299 and 9854. Either way, you will need to come prepared to work under PNF rules by having long pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves, eye protection(sunglasses), good work shoes(no open toed shoes), and a hard hat or bicycle helmet.

Since we are a long ways in please make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks for the trip in, while working, and the trip out. See you all there.