Thursday Night Guys Rides

Ride start location alternates weekly and repeats monthly. 1st Thursday: Whitespar area (meet at Whitespar parking lot) 2nd Thursday: Granite Basin area (meet at the cattle grate at the top of hill on Granite Basin Rd) 3rd Thursday: Thumb Butte area (meet at Thumb Butte parking lot) 4th Thursday: Dells tech ride (meet at dog park Willow Lake Trail, Willow … Read More

8 to 80 Rides

The PMBA 8 to 80 Ride is for riders of all ages and abilities. We meet at rotating trailheads in the Prescott area, and occasionally take out-of-town trips. Please email for any questions or to be added to the email list. Rides details are posted on the Wednesday before the Sunday ride. See the calendar in the sidebar for … Read More

Trailhead for 62, 305, and Salida Gulch Area

Begin at the Trailhead for the Ranch Trail #62. Trail 305 starts at the left side of the parking lot. Parking is free.  This is a fun ride.  Lots of rolling hills, nothing too technical or steep.  This is a nice groomed trail.

Granite Basin

There are lots of trails here.  TR#347 known as the whoops is a nice down hill, TR#345 Mint wash is a technical trail that takes you back up to the lake, lots of smaller loops you can combine into a great ride.  A variety for all different skill levels.  Just use extra caution on these trails as they are heavily … Read More